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Player Development Program

The SPA provides four levels of pickleball instruction for a player’s development:  (1) Introductory Lessons, (2) Assisted Play, (3) Advanced Assisted Play and (4) Organized Play/Tournament Play.

Introductory Lessons(IL):  Lessons are provided to persons new to pickleball.

Assisted Lessons (AP): Lessons are provided to persons who have taken introductory lessons, have joined the SPA and who desire to improve their skill level.

Advanced Assisted Play Lessons (AAPL): Lessons are provided to persons who have taken AP and who are recreational players who desire to advance in skill level.

Organized/Tournament Play: Lessons are provided to persons who have achieved a skill level of 2.5 or higher who desire to improve their play ability in the SPA organized play events and/or SPA /outside tournaments.

For Individual or Group "Lessons/Clinics", from Home Page follow FOR MEMBERS/COMMITTEES/PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM to Lessons/Clinics.  Contact any instructor through the SEND EMAIL TO MEMBERS link.

To see the Player Development Program structure visit the SPA web page entitled Committees, click on Committees, and then click on the link icon.


Introductory Lessons: Shawne Cryderman,

Assisted Play: Greg Nelson, 

Advance Assisted Play Lessons: Bob Kramer,

Organized/Tournament Play: Brent Carlson,