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Pickleball...The Fastest Growing Racquet Sport in America!



Great News!  We are building six new indoor pickleball courts at Ridgeview.  We have the full support of HOA2 and their commitment to share in the cost.  The total SPA fund raising goal is $650,000 which should be adequate given we have already saved $200,000.  The good news is that we currently have commitments of $175,000 in loans, with a target of $250,000 and $50,000 in donations from our previous fund drive.  This leaves $150,000 in additional fundraising to meet our final goal. SPA will keep a modified five level Copper through Platinum structure.  The Platinum $5,000 level will still receive a Lifetime free membership with a Gold $2,500 level a two year membership credit.  The $1,000 Silver level, $500 Bronze level and Copper $200 level will receive significant public recognition.  


Now is the time for SPA members to make the new courts a reality.  We need to show HOA2 that we are capable of a significant monetary commitment.  It is absolutely essential that all club members contribute a minimum of $200 with the obvious exception of financial hardship cases.  We have set a fundraising date of May 15th to meet our fund drive goals so that we can begin the construction of our six new air conditioned indoor courts on schedule.  You simply have to complete the Gold Fund Drive Card and mail your checks to the address provided on the form.  


Please understand that this 6 indoor court proposal is the only option our club has for additional courts at this time.  HOA2 owns the land and at this time, this is the only plan they will consider.  Moreover, HOA1 did not even mention pickleball in their 2018 long range planning report.  We must also keep in mind that the final SaddleBrooke Ranch cut-off date for SPA play is September 1st 2018 – just five months from now.  You are encouraged to contact any member of the Fund Raising Committee for further information or to make a contribution.  Also, the original promise to refund contributions if construction cannot be completed is still in effect.  Our club will also honor the fund drive terms offered to any members who have already contributed.  


 The HOA2 board is also aware that pickleball players from HOA1 are anxious about whether they will have access to pickleball courts once the reciprocal agreement between the HOAs is renegotiated.  As you know, pickleball is only one of the active amenities located in recent years on HOA2 property.  In absence of any financial support from HOA1 board, an amenity fee will likely be charged to HOA1 residents using these facilities.  Details have not been worked out.  HOA2 board has agreed with SPA that any HOA1 SPA member who contributes at least $500 to building the new courts will not be subject to any potential future pickleball amenity fee. 



Thanks again for your continued support for pickleball at SaddleBrooke,

The Fund Raising Committee

Shawne Cryderman, Bud Mottice, Ken Roberts, Jim Schlote


SPA Board

JB Bailey, Mark Van Matre, Rick Heine, Don Richey, Tom Kruse, Ken Powers, Doug Boklund







There has been a lot of mis-information in SaddleBrooke, as relates to building new pickleball courts at various locations, and the history of pickleball in SaddleBrooke. To help "clear the air" a number of volunteer SPA members have spent hours sifting through the information "out there", working with SPA board members and have put together this position statement. We thank those volunteers for their dedication and hard work to get this done.

March 5, 2018

PB = Pickleball            SB = SaddleBrooke          RV = Ridgeview SaddleBrooke

Pickleball Association (SPA) position

· Nationwide, Pickleball is the most requested, fastest growing amenity in active adult communities

· With 656 SPA members and only six SB courts, additional courts are needed NOW!

· Approximately 300 of the SPA members (45%) are HOA1 residents

· On August 31, 2018, the temporary agreement to use courts at SB Ranch ends

· SPA and HOA2 propose to build a six court INDOOR FACILITY in front of the existing RV outdoor courts to solve the two major concerns - noise and lighted nighttime play

· The RidgeView location is zoned for recreational purposes under GR – General Rural Zone

· SPA will work with both HOA boards to benefit SB

· SPA considers the HOA1 board proposed use of State Trust Land off Catalina Hills Drive unacceptable for building OUTDOOR courts for the following reasons:

o State Land Department will not sell or lease the land to HOA

o The land can only be used with a Special Land Use Permit that can be cancelled at any time

o If State cancels permit, HOA1 must restore site to original condition

o State will not allow easements across land...No Utilities ….water and electricity

o No running water for consumption or court cleaning, No lights for nighttime play

o Toilet facilities would be porta-potties

o The site Is inaccessible by golf cart and much too windy

o HOA1 is considering an Asphalt court surface which is unacceptable

o Livestock, Hunters, ATV’s, and campers have access to adjacent land

o Large upfront costs for Surveys, environmental studies etc., required by State without assurance of long term use does not make financial sense

o Since a first class facility is needed, it can’t be done on this site given the State’s restrictions

HOA1 Board position – what has been stated publicly and in writing

· Pickleball is a desired amenity for SB

· HOA1 will not support any building of PB courts at Ridgeview

· HOA1 did not mention PB in their 2018 long range planning document

· HOA1 owns land adjacent to the RV courts and refuses to let SPA use that land for parking

· HOA1 marketing materials include PB as an amenity on the HOA1 website as well as in the March 2018 Communicator

HOA2 Board position – what has been stated publicly and in writing

· Pickleball is a desired amenity for SB

· HOA2 fully supports building indoor courts at RV and will share in the cost · HOA2 offered to assist in fund raising strategies and garnering sponsorships

· HOA2 would welcome a genuine partnership with HOA1 that is based on publicly agreed upon commitments to address both the immediate need and the long-range needs for amenities that position SB well in the competitive market of active adult communities

SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) Board   or

Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association Website


The SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) is the largest sport activity in SaddleBrooke. Our 600 plus members enjoy fabulous camaraderie and exercise by being part of the fastest growing sport for senior adults in America!


The six courts at our Ridgeview facility were built entirely with club member donations and are state-of-the-art. Guests are invited to play as long as they complete and submit a SPA Release of Liability form to the SPA board. Proper court shoes and regulation Pickleball equipment must be used by all players at the RidgeView courts.


Our members are rated as recreational (beginners), 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 plus level players, consistent with the USAPA guidelines.


New List of Approved Paddles

A revised list of "approved" Pickleball paddles has been released as of December 2017.

Only paddles listed in the "Green" zone are approved for play at the SaddleBrooke courts.

You can check to see if your paddle is approved by clicking the button below:

 Approved/Banned Paddles December 2017

Introductory Lessons are available for non-members.

The 1.5 hour lesson cost is $10 per person.
For additional information contact
Shawne Cryderman @ or call 818-2690

Need a SPA Name Tag?

If you are interested in ordering a SPA name tag, please email Terri Anderson at  The cost is $9.00 and an order will be placed when we have a minimum of 10 tags. Please include exactly how you would like your name to appear.

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