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Pickleball...The Fastest Growing Racquet Sport in America!

Membership Renewal for 2019
Mail check, made out to SPA, for $125.00 per member to:
P.O. Box 1950
Tucson, AZ. 85738 

Agenda for SPA General Meeting

Thursday January 24th2019  3:00 PM Mtn View Ballroom


  1. Call meeting to order and confirm a quorum- JB
  2. Comments, updates and Announcements - JB
  3. Minutes of the December General Meeting approval – JB
  4. Financial and membership update – JB


    Committee Reports

  5.  RAC fair Update Doug Boklund
  6.  SBR competition with SB – Pete Giljohaan
  7.  Ridgeview Court Update – Ed Szympruch


New Business

5.  None


Comments and Questions

       8.   Comments and Questions – SPA board and members

       9.   Adjournment


The Court Maintenance Committee has encircled the area where the building was removed with yellow ribbon.  Please DO NOT WALK in this area to reduce the tracking of dirt and pebbles onto the courts.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Wednesday, January 23

8:00 – 9:30   Courts None 

  9:30-11:00    Court 1 -3
11:00-12:30      Courts 1 - 3

New to Pickleball?   Want to improve your game?

SPA offers support ALL levels for SPA members.


Pickleball players always want to improve their skills. And our SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) members are no exception. We are fortunate that a team of volunteers within our organization willingly take time to help fellow players improve their skills and teach lessons at all levels. This is a rarity among pickleball clubs. We take individuals interested in learning this fabulous sport from an introductory lesson through mid-level skill lessons.  Each year, we try to bring in higher level skilled and nationally known players to conduct pickleball clinics and work with select individuals.


If you already hold a rating from USAPA or a formal rating (not self-rated)

from another club, please provide supporting documentation toGlen George, theSPA rating chair person.


Levels and contact information:


Introductory lessonShawne Cryderman at 818-2690 or

The beginner lesson is offered throughout the year. Cost is $10 for the 1.5 hour lesson. For additional information, contact Shawne.

Once you become a member of SPA, you have 

access to additional skill lessons at no extra charge.

Individuals wanting to be part of ANY of the following sessions

must sign up on the Event Calendarto attend and if you sign-up, 

you must show up or contact the instructors.


Assisted Play (AP) Greg Nelson at 818-6373 or

AP is available to SPA members who need a refresher or have just completed their introductory lesson. Attendees learn to play the game in a structured environment and learn the scoring system, the rules of the game, acquire a basic understanding of the strategy of pickleball and have an opportunity to meet other beginning players and play full games with peers.

AP takes place on Wednesday from 3- 5 pm on courts 4, 5, and 6 at RidgeView. 


Advanced Assisted Play Lessons (AAPL)Bob “Kosmo” Kramer at  or Jean Labovitch at

The instruction will be limited to 24 participants, with 2 alternates.  AAPL is open to SPA members who have a 2.0 or 2.5 rating.  

AAPL takes place on Wednesday from 1 – 3 pm on all 6 RidgeView courts.


3.0 Advanced Play (3.0 AP) Jim Lorenz atA5wingnut@comcast.netor Debbie Westwater at 3.0 APL is open to SPA members with a 3.0 rating. Instruction is limited to 24 participants, with 2 alternates. 

3.0 APL takes place on Tuesday from 1 – 3 on all 6 RidgeView courts.


3.5+ (4.0 Wanna Be) Brent Carlson at  This skill level lesson is for anyone with a 3.5 SPA rating wishing to develop 4.0 level skills.  Emphasis on the critical 3rd shot drop and making the "soft game" an integral part of your game. Contact Brent for dates and times.

Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association Website


The SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) is the largest sport activity in SaddleBrooke. Our 600 plus members enjoy fabulous camaraderie and exercise by being part of the fastest growing sport for senior adults in America!


The six courts at our Ridgeview facility were built entirely with club member donations and are state-of-the-art. Guests are invited to play as long as they complete and submit a SPA Release of Liability form to the SPA board. Proper court shoes and regulation Pickleball equipment must be used by all players at the RidgeView courts.


Our members are rated as recreational (beginners), 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 plus level players, consistent with the USAPA guidelines.


New List of Approved Paddles

A revised list of "approved" Pickleball paddles has been released as of December 2017.

Only paddles listed in the "Green" zone are approved for play at the SaddleBrooke courts.

You can check to see if your paddle is approved by clicking the button below:

 Approved/Banned Paddles December 2017

Need a SPA Name Tag?

If you are interested in ordering a SPA name tag, please email Terri Anderson at  The cost is $9.00 and an order will be placed when we have a minimum of 10 tags. Please include exactly how you would like your name to appear.

Upcoming Events

January 10, 2019 Board Meeting Mt. View Saguaro Room 3:00pm

January 24, 2019 General Membership Meeting Mt. View Ballroom East 3:00pm

Upcoming Events & Meetings

January 10, 2019 Board Meeting Mt. View Saguaro Room 3:00pm