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Pickleball...The Fastest Growing Racquet Sport in America!


The SB Ranch HOA has agreed to allow play to resume on all NON-DAMAGED COURTS.  The following courts are off limits for the weekend.  1&2, 7&8, and court 15.

Players are asked to assess the safety of any remaining courts before playing on them.  If you come across any fallen parts from lighting, speakers, etc. do not remove them from the courts where they have landed--just place them aside on the same court.  Maintenance crews are expected next week and may need to access additional courts to make their jobs easier.


The Ridgeview Courts will be closed starting July 18th.  

The courts will be closed for approximately one week, but this schedule may change depending on the weather.

During this time you may make reservations and play on the courts at SaddleBrooke Ranch or at the Preserve.

Remember that if you choose to play at the Preserve, ONLY the Onix "soft/quiet" ball may be used.  

SPA Announces "Rated" Drop In Hours at Ridgeview Courts

"Rated" Drop-In at Ridgeview Courts will be held on Courts 4, 5 and 6 Monday thru Saturday from 3 - 5 pm.  Days for rated drop-in are ...

Monday - Rec / 2.0
Thursday - 3.5
Tuesday - 2.5
Friday - 4.0
Wednesday - Wild Card *
Saturday -3.0

Wild Card Wednesday rotates among the various ratings each month.  Here is the upcoming schedule:
June: 3.0
July: 3.5
August: 4.0
September: 2.0, 2.5
October:  3.0

Rated Drop-in is for mixed play, so both men and women of those ratings may play together.


SPA Player Development Opportunities Announced

Brent Carlson, chairman of the Lessons & Clinics committee has outlined the player development opportunities now available for all potential and current pickleball members.

For more details just click the link below:

  SPA Player Development Opportunities.

Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association Website

The SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) is the largest sport activity in SaddleBrooke. Our 600 plus members enjoy fabulous camaraderie and exercise by being part of the fastest growing sport for senior adults in America!


The six courts at our Ridgeview facility were built entirely with club member donations and are state-of-the-art. Guests are invited to play as long as they complete and submit a SPA Release of Liability form to the SPA board. Proper court shoes and regulation Pickleball equipment must be used by all players at the RidgeView courts. Proper court shoes and the quiet ONIX ball must be used by all players at the Preserve courts.


Our members are rated as recreational (beginners), 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 plus level players, consistent with the USAPA guidelines.


SaddleBrooke Pickleball Associationn (SPA)
Offers Introductory Lessons for Beginners
Any SaddleBrooke resident is welcome to attend an introductory lesson on courts 7-9 at The Preserve. The cost is $10.  Paddles and balls are provided. Participants must wear tennis or court shoes –no sandals or flip flops and bring water to stay hydrated. Sun screen, sun glasses and a hat with a brim or visor are also recommended.

Participants will be using the quiet Onix ball and will have the opportunity to actually play the game of pickleball, beginning with the basic skill of volleying the ball across net. The focus of the introductory lesson is to allow people of all ages and skills to have the opportunity to get on the court and play. 

The only prerequisite or “must have” for the Intro lesson is an interest in learning a new sport and the desire to have fun and do your personal best. You do not have to be a member of SPA to take the Introductory Lesson.

For additional information and to reserve your space on the next introductory lesson roster, please contact Shawne Cryderman at 818-2690 or